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Our rationale

CosmEthics manifesto

Naturalness, Mathilde’s personal commitment

« I believe in green and rational cosmetics. I wanted to offer a new type of cosmetics, offering the right balance between effectiveness, naturalness and sensoriality. »

Mathilde Thomas

No longer having to choose between naturalness, effectiveness and glamour



Select effective ingredients of natural origin

Nature is full of virtuous active ingredients for our skin. At Caudalie, we favour natural active ingredients that respect the environment and your skin.


  • Vine and grape extracts patented with Harvard Medical School and from French vineyards (Bordeaux, Champagne, Burgundy). The vine has inexhaustible wealth and is our primary source of inspiration.
  • Vegetable oils, waxes and butters and essential oils
  • Floral and botanical waters
  • Plant and fruit extracts with various cosmetic properties


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Never use certain suspicious or undesirable ingredients

  • potentially endocrine disrupting preservatives

    Parabens, phenoxyethanol

  • ingredients of animal origin

    lanolin, keratin, cochineal, animal squalane

  • mineral oils (petrochemical derivatives)

    Vaseline, paraffin

  • irritating and polluting agent

    Sodium Laureth Sulfate


Our commitment:
complete transparency

We try to get as close as possible to 100% natural, without sacrificing effectiveness and sensoriality. That's why we allow the use of synthetic ingredients when they are good and necessary. The search for naturalness and effectiveness involves constant improvement of our formulas based on new research.

Following are the synthetic ingredients you can find in a small quantity in some of our products:

  • molecule Biotechnological molecules, for their anti-ageing effectiveness
  • parfum Fragrances, for the sensoriality of the products
  • conservateur Preservatives, authorised by Organic certification bodies, for optimum preservation of our formulas
  • filtres Certain sunscreens, to protect your skin

Our ecological commitment

Naturalness also involves our ecological commitment. By funding associations that work for reforestation and tree protection, we want to give back to nature a little of what it gives us every day.

1% Logo

With "1% for the Planet", acting for reforestation.

As entrepreneurs, Mathilde and Bertrand wish to offset our carbon footprint with concrete actions for the planet. By planting trees all over the world, Caudalie contributes on a small scale to restore a damaged ecosystem.

Since 2012, Caudalie has given 1% of its turnover to environmental associations for reforestation. We are the largest "1% for the Planet" contributors of the global cosmetic industry and hope to inspire other companies to join this movement.

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Making small gestures on a daily basis

Choosing FSC paper or wood for our packs, wooden caps and brochures, recycled or biosourced plastic for our tubes, recycling wastewater from the Spa, using vegetable inks for our boxes, etc. We also believe that small daily actions will enable making a difference.

We invite you to help us in our actions by bringing back your empty containers to our shops so that they can be recycled through the Terracycle channel, our partner for this operation.