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Our products include innovative and patented molecules. All the products are set in an "open" formula; which means that we are constantly improving them by including the latest scientific advances and guarantee maximum effectiveness.


Viniferine from grapevine sap is the most effective natural molecule against dark spots and creating a radiant complexion.

Worldwide patent: EP1519709.

A bit of history...

Young girls used to apply the sap from vine stalks to their faces and hands to reduce dark spots and clarify the complexion. Professor Vercauteren succeeded in isolating a pure and natural active ingredient from grapevine sap known as Viniferine, which has an exceptional effect on radiance and dark spots. An exclusive patent in France and abroad was registered.

SPOTLIGHT: Viniferine has been proven to be 62 times more effective than vitamin C*, 4 times more effective than kojic acid* and at least 13 times more effective than arbutin* in boosting skin radiance and fighting dark spots.

* In vitro tests - Conducted at the Montpellier Faculty of Pharmacy within Professor Vercauteren's department.
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Exceptional anti-dark spots action

  • 1

    It reduces existing dark spots by regulating tyrosinase, thus homogenising melanin production.


  • 2

    It prevents new spots appearing by protecting tyrosinase from cellular oxidation reactions (oxidative stress), directly responsible for the formation of dark spots.


  • 3

    It creates an even and radiant complexion by encouraging cutaneous micro-circulation and the elimination of dark spots.

Photo 1 : day 0  - Photo 2 : day 56 
Test conducted on 20 volunteers after using the Vinoperfect regimen (Radiance Serum Complexion Correcting, Day Perfecting Cream, Cell Renewal Night Cream).