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As we get older, our skin loses firmness and elasticity which can result in skin appearing less youthful.

Turn back the clock with Resveratrol[lift]

Firming Serum

Your natural, firming and anti-wrinkle treatment

How does it work? A patented anti-ageing innovation between Caudalie and Harvard University combining Vine Resveratrol and Hyaluronic Acid to plump, firm and redfine facial contours

Over 90% of women felt their skin looked firmer!4

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HK$550/ 30ml

Beauty from the Inside Out

To promote a comprehensive treatment in wrinkle care, together ingesting Vinexpert AntiOxidant Dietary Supplements helps achieve ultimate longevity from inside out.

Reshape & Anti-Wrinkle

Firming Serum

Thanks to the Resveratrol [Lift] Firming Serum concentrated in Vine Resveratrol and hyaluronic acid, the skin is visibly firmer and more toned, and wrinkles seem smoothed out.

HK$550/ 30ml

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Lift & Nourish

Face Lifting Soft Cream

An anti-aging and firming cream with a natural, sensorial texture. This lightweight soft cream nourishes, smoothes wrinkles and visibly firms the skin in a single step. The signs of aging look less noticeable and the skin appears more youthful.

HK$450/ 50ml

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100% Vegan Anti-Aging Booster

Vinexpert AntiOxidant Dietary Supplements

100% natural vegan beauty supplements contain both anti-wrinkle Vine Resveratrol and anti-oxidant Grapeseed Polyphenols, reducing 48% of free radicals and strengthening skin’s capacity to prevent 80% of fine lines and wrinkles.

HK$129/ 30 caps

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Natural Firming & Anti-Wrinkle Set

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Resveratrol Lift Eye lifting balm 5ml
Pink Pouch"

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Discover your daily 4-step routine to lift, plump and firm your facial contours

Both effective and glamourous, Resveratrol[Lift] offers a dual-action approach to anti-ageing: an immediate lifting effect as well as redensifying action over time.

Redefine facial contours

Firming Serum

HK$550/ 30ml

Nourish and firm

Face Lifting Soft Cream

HK$450/ 50ml

Smooth and regenerate the skin at night

Night Infusion Cream

HK$450/ 50ml

Reduce puffiness & firm the eye contour

Resveratrol [Lift] Eye Lifting Balm

HK$420/ 15ml


As we get older, we notice visible changes to our skin's appearance. Facial contours become less defined, the skin loses its firmness and lacks elasticity…

All the answers to your questions.

At what age should I start using an anti-ageing cream?

There is no precise age to start using anti-ageing skincare.
From the age of 20, we recommend you use antioxidant and moisturising skincare, such as the Vinosourcerange.
As first signs of ageing start to appear, we recommend you use the Vine[Activ]range to prevent and correct early wrinkles and lack of radiance.
When you feel your skin is losing firmness and elasticity, we recommend you use the Resveratrol[Lift]range.
Finally, if you are looking for a range to correct all signs of ageing – wrinkles, firmness and dark spots – the Premier Crurange is the best solution for you.

What are serums for?

Applying a serum before your day and/or night cream boosts its effectiveness. Caudalie serumsare highly concentrated in active ingredients and can be used every day, morning and night. The texture of a serum is finer, so it is absorbed more quickly into the skin. If you're looking for optimal effectiveness and quickly visible results, a serum is the best skincare product for you.

How long does it take to see first results?

Results vary from one person to another and according to how often the serum is used. Results are visible after using the serum for 4 weeks. Results can be seen even faster if you apply the serum before both your day and night cream. After using the Resveratrol[Lift] Serumfor 7 days, 80% of women felt that their skin was redensified*.
* Consumer test, % of satisfaction, 100 women, 30 days.

Can an effective anti-ageing skincare product be natural?

Nature is full of powerful active ingredients for our skin. At Caudalie, we favour natural active ingredients that respect the environment and are gentle on your skin.

Can I apply my anti-ageing skincare product to the whole of my face?

You can apply your anti-ageing skincare product to all areas of yourface,notforgetting the neck and décolleté. However,don't apply it to the eyecontouras this area is sensitive and needs a product formulatedespecially for use around the eyesDiscover the Eye Care Products

Can I use my day cream at night?

Your skin has different needs during the day and night. During the day, the skin needs to be protected from external stresses. At night, the skin regenerates itself and is able to better absorb active ingredients. Therefore, it’s preferable to use different skincare products during the day and night.

Are your anti-ageing products suitable for sensitive skin?

It’s essential to use products that have been formulated for sensitive skin. All our facial products are tested under dermatological control by independent laboratories. However, if you have highly sensitive skin we recommend that you consult your GP or dermatologist before use.

What are the best things to do to slow down skin ageing?

Oxidation is responsible for 80% of skin ageing. It is therefore essential to protect your skin from free radicals (pollution, UVs, etc.) which cause oxidation.
To do that, your skincare routine should include the following essential beauty steps: thorough cleansing, morning and evening, to remove impurities from the skin,antioxidant skincareto protect the skin during the day and regenerating night cream. Eating a healthy and balanced diet, which includes lots of fruit and vegetables, and getting regular physical exercise will also have an antioxidant action on the body and skin.

1IQVIA - Pharmatrend - Eye contouring products and facial anti-ageing care products for women in French pharmacies - MAT March 2018 - in value.

2 Clinical study, 30 days, % of satisfaction, 100women.

3 Patent n°PCT/IB2015/054257 (filed by Caudalie and Harvard University).

4 In-vitro test - gene expression.