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Premier Cru
The ultimate in anti-ageing

The Premier Cru collection

The Art of the Grapevine
360° video by Caudalie
Engage in a unique virtual reality experience and immerse yourself in the heart of the Sources de Caudalie, where the story of Premier Cru started...

Two exceptional creams

Premier Cru The Cream
The ‘‘crème de la crème’’

Luxurious and effective in equal measure, this exceptional cream delivers ultimate anti-ageing action for visibly younger looking skin. It reduces signs of skin ageing: wrinkles, loss of firmness dark spots, oxidative stress, dryness.

Its velvety textures melts on contact with the skin and caresses it with the delicate and refined scent of vine roses smoked in an oak barrel.

Premier Cru The Eye Cream
The ultimate anti-ageing eye care

This sumptuous cream reduces all the signs of ageing related to the eye contour: Dark circles, puffiness, drooping eyelids, shadowy areas.

An ultra-efficient skincare cream which works immediately thanks to light reflecting ingredients, to enhance the eyes as soon as it's applied.

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Premier Cru Gift Set



Premier Cru The Eye Cream Gift Set




The anti-ageing treatment
with 3 patented ingredients

Premier Cru is a blend of the Caudalie patents, Resveratrol - Viniferine - Polyphenols, and the most high-performing active ingredients at their optimal concentrations to correct all signs of ageing in a single step.
Grapevine stalk resveratrol
Anti-wrinkle + Firming
It acts on the collagen and elastin fibres, for a restructuring effect.
Grape polyphenols
The most powerful anti-oxidants in the plant world, they fight free radicals (UV, pollution, stress etc.) that are responsible for 80% of ageing.
Viniferine from grapevine sap
Radiance & Anti-dark spots
62 times more effective than vitamin C(1), it is effective against all types of pigmentation.
(1)In vitro test of the inhibiting action of Viniferine on tyrosinase.

The ultimate anti-ageing

1. Boost
Regenerated skin: 90%(1)
Radiant complexion: 93%(1)
‘‘It's a real treat, easy to apply, not greasy, smells good and not overpowering, and incredibly effective.’’
Gabrielle, 54 years old
2. Beautify
Reduced puffiness: 87%(2)
Diminished dark circles: 86%(2)
Immediate radiance effect: 91%(2)
‘‘Brightens the eyes, fades dark circles, moisturises and smoothes the eye contour.’’
Aurélie, 38 years old
3. Correct
‘‘I apply it morning and evening, my skin glows, wrinkles diminish and contours are redefined.’’
Isabelle, 54 years old
Smoothed wrinkles: 98%(3)
Firmer skin: 98%(3)
Diminished dark spots: 76%(3)
Skin visibly younger: 100%(3)
Nourished skin: 100%(4)
Smoother skin: 89%(4)
‘‘It feels comfortable straight away on mature skin. It brightens the complexion and has a plumping effect without being greasy’’
Annie, 65 years old
(1)Clinical study, used by 41 volunteers for 3 months under dermatological control.(2)Clinical trial, self-assessment, % satisfaction, 44 volunteers, 56 days.(3)Clinical trial, self-assessment, % satisfaction, 42 volunteers, 56 days.(4)Clinical trial, self-assessment, % satisfaction, 40 volunteers, 56 days.