Correct all the signs of ageing

The anti-ageing solution
with zero compromise

The anti-ageing solution with zero compromise

What if you gave your skin the ultimate in anti-ageing?

Inspired by epigenetic science, Caudalie and Harvard University have co-patented a revolutionary technology which stimulates youth proteins in the skin and corrects the 8 signs of ageing.

It has been named TET8™ and stems from 10 years of cutting-edge research, and you can find it in the new Premier Cru collection which concentrates the best of Caudalie anti-ageing expertise.

Caudalie reinvents Premier Cru The Cream, a concentrate of anti-ageing effectiveness boosted by a new revolutionary technology.

No longer having to choose: it's Premier Cru La Crème's promise which acts on ALL signs of ageing

97% natural-origin ingredients
Refillable & recyclable




Wrinkles reduced: 93% (1)
Fine Lines diminished: 87%
Dark spots corrected: 93%
Radiant complexion: 93%
Firmer skin: 97%
Improved elasticity: 96%
Plumper skin: 94%
Moisturized skin: 100% (2)

Premier Cru

A complete skincare routine offering a global anti-ageing action for women who want the best for their skin.

Tightening effect in 3 minutes and up to 6 hours
Premier Cru Anti-Ageing Serum HK$1,100.00


97% saw elasticity improved (2)
Premier Cru Anti-Ageing Cream Moisturiser HK$880.00


-25% crow’s feet wrinkles(5)
Premier Cru Dark Circle Correcting Eye Cream HK$580.00


Premier Cru The Cream Refill 50ml HK$750.00


Caudalie is committed to beauty that makes zero compromise on sustainability and eco-friendliness.

Using the refill capsules to refill the Cream or Rich Cream is easy.

Step 1

Unclip the empty capsule but don't throw away the jar.

Step 2

Fit the new capsule into place.

Premier Cru
anti-ageing expertise

Over the past 10 years, the Harvard Medical School has established itself in epigenetics, a science that demonstrates how our lifestyle influences our body’s ageing process.

Together, we have identified a rejuvenating enzyme named TET, that enables us to reverse this process.

A unique pharmaceutical active ingredient was required to activate this enzyme and multiply its action. This is why our Natural Formulation Laboratory has selected Honokiol and combined it with Resveratrol.

Honokiol boosts the TET enzyme. Combined with Resveratrol, its effects are multiplied, enabling it to act directly on the skin’s youth proteins and as such correct the 8 signs of ageing.

A new patent is filed:


Caudalie x Harvard Medical School
Patent no. FR21/04931


Derived from Magnolia and obtained by eco-extraction.


From vine shoots harvested in France.

Premier Cru expertise is also an exclusive blend of Caudalie’s best anti-ageing active ingredients:

with an exceptional anti-dark spot action

Natural hyaluronic acid
which plumps up the skin

Grape seed Polyphenols
which prevent wrinkles and block free radicals

Tightening sugars
with a tightening effect that can be seen in 3 minutes and for up to 6 hours

clean and sustainablecommitment

0 compromise on naturalness



0 compromise on sustainability

For the first time, Caudalie has designed refillable and recyclable capsules for The Cream and The Rich Cream.

These capsules are more eco-friendly and when purchased enable us to save about 3.12 tonnes of multi-material packaging and 18 tonnes of glass(6).

Just like the capsules, the glass jars are recyclable (7).

Enjoy the Premier Cru experience in our Boutique SPAs


The ultimate beauty routine for unprecedented results. Wrinkles and fine lines diminish, the skin is smooth and looks younger.



(1) Clinical test, % of satisfaction, 31 volunteers, 56 days.
(2)(3) Clinical test, % of satisfaction, 32 volunteers, 56 days.
(4)Clinical test, % of satisfaction, 31 volunteers, 56 days.
(5)Clinical scoring, 29 volunteers, 56 days.
(6)All numbers are calculated according to an internal estimate based on the annual quantity.
(7)Where facilities are provided. Excluding multi-material pumps and caps, recyclable only in Caudalie’s stores thanks to the TerraCycle partnership.

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