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The power of a brightening duo
Essence + Serum: twice as effective on dark spots*.

New: Concentrated
brightening essence

The healthy glow Booster
A new skincare step inspired by the skincare routine followed by women in Asia, it makes the skin even more uniform and luminous.
  • Sweep away dead skin cells
  • Reveal the skin’s original radiance
  • Optimize the efficacy of the serum against dark spots


Available in April
An essence?
What is it for?

Best-seller: Radiance Serum
Complexion Correcting

anti-dark spot

The anti-dark spot solution
Proven efficacy by dermatologists*** on all types of dark spots
  • Sun pigmentation
  • Dark spots
  • Acne dark spots
  • Pregnancy pigmentation


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Dark-spot free skin?
They’re talking about it!

They have all tested the Vinoperfect regimen and share their unique experience.

Zelia Zhong
Celebrity Model
Amazing Trick for Healthy Glowing Skin!
I have been addicted to Brightening Duo since I tried and I love how milky the Serum is. It gives my skin a translucency.
Zelia Zhong
Celebrity Model
Charlotte Hwang
Fundraising Director at
Foodlink Foundation
Natural yet effective!
My skin feels smooth, radiant and it has helped with toning as well. It leaves a healthy glow on my skin.
Charlotte Hwang
Fundraising Director at
Foodlink Foundation
Theinkless (Packy Lai)
Chinese Calligrapher
Best choice for anti-dark spots!
I found this duo and never looked back. I am noticing my freckles and dark spots were faded. I will continue to use this duo.
Theinkless (Packy Lai)
Chinese Calligrapher
Peggy Choi
Cosmo Senior Web Editor
For a brighter complexion!
The Brightening Duo is absolutely amazing! After the first application, I found my skin softer and brighter the next morning.
Peggy Choi
Cosmo Senior Web Editor

Star ingredient of the Vinoperfect Line:
Viniferine, natural origin vine sap extract
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Vinoperfect collection
Anti-dark spot program

* Clinical study on 46 volunteers twice daily application for 56 days to one half the face: results statistically signi cant compared to the non-treated half.
** IMS France figures, point of sales, in value, since 2008. *** Multi-centric study in Europe, 60 patients and 9 dermatologists.